Critical Ops

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  • Last update: 2 years ago
  • Version: 0.6.5
  • Compatibility: 4.1 and up
  • Author: Critical Force Ltd.
  • Content rating: Rated for 12+
  • Package name: com.criticalforceentertainment.criticalops
  • Last update: 2 years ago
  • Version: 0.6.6
  • Size: 292 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Author: Critical Force Oy
  • Content rating: You must be at least 17 years old to download this app.
  • Languages: English
  • In-App Purchases:
  • Case of Credits $2.99
  • Pouch of Credits $1.99
  • Crate of Credits $9.99
  • Safebox of Credits $19.99
  • Vault of Credits $49.99
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Critical Ops review

Critical Ops is an action-filled 3D FPS game that resembles Counter-Strike in a lot of ways. It’s multiplayer-only and features stunning graphics and detailed maps, where you can choose to play as a terrorist or a counter-terrorist.

Graphics 4,5/5

Critical Ops has a sparse menu system designed to get you into the game and stay in it as quickly as possible. The graphics beautifully made and polished, and the design of each map is solid and detailed, resembling the real cities that inspired them.

The sounds are definitely spot on too, with the crisp thundering of the guns suited along with the surroundings. Every action including the deafening blur from the flash grenade makes the player feel part of the action.

Gameplay 4,5/5

Critical Ops features only two modes, both of which can be played on any of the maps available. In the Deathmatch mode, you take part in a straightforward team shootout, where you aim at finishing on top of the table. And the Defuse mode challenges one team to plant bombs while the other team tries to stop them.

In Defuse, players can’t respawn until the end of the round, and they have in-game money to shop for their weapon loadouts between rounds. With many weapons to choose from, you can always have your preferred gun.

Critical Ops is a cross-platform game so that you can play it against Android players, iOS players, and even PC players on Facebook. Using Facebook login, all your stats and skins carry from game to game.

However, you might not want to play against PC players because they have an advantage of keyboard and mouse to use against you. Thankfully, there is an option to filter out cross-platform games.

While there are lots of benefits to Critical Ops's gameplay, there are also some drawbacks that come with it. With such a small number of game modes, maps, and unlock options, there is little to look forward to from playing this game beyond the satisfaction of the shooting mechanics.

Controls 4/5

Critical Ops is built for touch controls, but the default control scheme doesn’t feel quite as easy-to-use as it should. So, you will likely need to tweak its behavior to make it accurate. But anyway, the game does a great job at making up for touchscreen inaccuracies, and the auto aim helps out a lot too.

Replay Value 5/5

In Critical Ops, you can easily jump in and out of games and take part in matches that always have fluid team populations. The game doesn’t punish you for having to leave, so there are perfect conditions to play it again and again.

The game doesn't provide much in terms of rewards for winning or sticking around, but it works in a sense that players stick around because they want to. Or they leave because they have something else to do. No pressure.

In-app purchases

Critical Ops doesn’t allow players to purchase items which increase their chances to win. Everyone gets the same loadout, and cannot change the weapon selection they have. The only items you can purchase are weapon skins. They don't have any effect on weapons, though — they just change your gun’s look.

If you don't want to spend real money on skins, you can earn the credits by completing daily missions.


Critical Ops provides fair playing field when it comes to in-app purchases. Given that, there is not a ton of content in the game, and it feels a little too thin and wonky.

It is well worth a try, though. Aside from being a free cross-platform game, it has many reasons to get a chance. Critical Ops features a lag-free continuous play and the option to play with your friends and family anywhere. It’s a great opportunity to prove your combat skills.

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Critical Ops is challenging and fun online shooter, which has a reasonable monetization scheme.

Pros : Cross-platform use via Facebook account;
Polished graphics.

Cons : Inaccurate controls;
Not much content.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.5

Critical Ops Version History

  • Critical Ops v.0.6.3 for Android 4.0.3+ Oct. 24, 2016
  • Critical Ops v.0.6.3 for Android 4.0.3+ Oct. 23, 2016
  • Critical Ops v.0.6.2 for Android 4.0.3+ Oct. 11, 2016
  • Critical Ops v.0.6.1 for Android 4.0.3+ Sep. 24, 2016
  • Critical Ops v.0.6.1 for Android 4.0.3+ Sep. 13, 2016
  • Critical Ops v.0.6.1 for Android 4.0.3+ Aug. 30, 2016
  • Critical Ops v.0.6.0 for Android 4.0.3+ Aug. 13, 2016
  • Critical Ops v.0.6.0 for Android 4.0.3+ Aug. 11, 2016
  • Critical Ops v.0.6.0 for Android 4.0.3+ Aug. 03, 2016
  • Critical Ops v.0.5.2 for Android 4.0.3+ Jun. 20, 2016
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