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Back in January, the whole Internet universe was talking about a new social media network with a very juicy name, Peach. It promised to combine all the best features of Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. The app experienced thousands of downloads in the first days of its official existence and climbed to the top of the charts.

However, there was one trick - the company released the app exclusively for iOS. Still, all the others could use the unofficial web client and the Android version called Nectarine, but it lacked the “magic words” and drawings. 

Today, Android users are glad to finally welcome the official Peach app on their devices. It’s also free of charge and compatible with all the smartphones running Android 4.4+. This move will cause the expansion of Peach users across the two main mobile platforms. Thus, the social app will definitely have a great chance to stay on the market. Still, it’s not the only news for this moment.

Peach App for Android Screenshots

The developers have decided to combine the release of the Android version with several updates, which include even more new features. So, now Peach allows its users to turn their profiles into public ones without a friend request acceptance.

This will give a person an opportunity to become famous and popular even beyond the limits of their own social circle. Besides, this option is very handy for celebrities and other public personalities. 

Note: To make your profile public, go to:

  • Settings,
  • tap the renewed Manage Account menu,
  • and then choose the Privacy tab. 

This new feature has also influenced the way of searching for interesting accounts. Now, it’s very easy because of recommendations located under the “Who to Follow” section, which may be accessed by tapping “Add Friend”. This list is to be updated from time to time.

Moreover, every Peach post is now shareable via its unique URL and the sharing icon located next to the timestamp. You even can choose who will be able to share your posts.

So, what’s next? The developers have promised to create even more pleasant additions, such as chats, scrolling back to older posts, etc. However, is there a place under the technological sun for more new social media apps? It’s only up to you to decide, but don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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